CENTRUM (2020)

Peter Sommer - Vi Der Valgte Mælkevejen (2020)

Christopher - LEAP OF FATIH (2020)

Better energy - ECO park (2018)

Client: Better energy

Website: www.betterenergy.com

Assignment: To show how a state-of-the-art solar facility isn't just a power plant, but an ECO park where the land is utilized for sustainable farming. 

Production: One day of production in Jutland around the solar facility. Shot in 4K ProRess 422 25P/50P/100P.

Post: 3 days of editing in Adobe Premiere, Davinchi Resolve, Photoshop and Audition.

Direction, photography, sound composition, mix and edit: Henrik Kaarsholm

Copehagen Food Collective (2018)

Client: Copenhagen Food Collective.

Assignment: Convey the message about COFOCO acquiring their own solar power plant, and by doing so, becoming the first chain of restaurants in Denmark to run their business entirely off of green energy. 

Production: One week of production in Jutland around the solar facility and west danish nature, one week of work in Copenhagen in two different restaurants.

All shot in 4K ProRess 422 25P/50P/100P.

Post: 10 days of editing in Adobe Premiere, Davinchi Resolve, Photoshop and Audition.

Direction, photography and sound composition: Henrik Kaarsholm

Sound mix: Sound Matters

European Championships Short Course Swimming (2017)

Client: European Swimming Federation in collaboration with Wounderfull Copenhagen.

Assignment: Create 4 short films documenting the competition. Capture the vibe and aesthetics of the international swimming competition.

Prep: 1 day.

Production: 5 days during competition. 

Post: 5 days of editing in Premiere.

Delivery to: Social media.

Christopher - Heartbeat (2016)

Client: Christopher (c) 2016 Parlophone Music Denmark a Warner Music Group Company 

Assignment: Create the underwater sequences used in the film.

Prep: shotlist and manuscript via email.

Instruction: Martin Bubandt

Producer: Anna-Marie Elkjær.

Gaffers: Kim Bech

Delivery to: DIT  

Meet the Lifeguard Patrol, TrygFonden (2016)

Client: Tryg Foundation

Assignment: Illustrate the preventive work done by surf-lifeguard patrol from the Tryg Foundation each year. This foundation contributes to the danish society with a lot of great initiatives, one of which is a national lifeguard service called TrygFonden Kystlivredning. This service is dedicated to higher the awareness of water safety among danish citizens. One of the ways they do this is by education of young beach guests through a lifeguard patrol.

Prep: 1 day.

Production: 1 day.

Post: 2 days in Premiere.

Delivery to: www.respektforvand.dk and social media.

Campaign for the Danish School of Fishery (2014).

Client: Danish School of Fishery.

Assignment: Produce a 1,5 min campaign film, 4 significant stills for printed add's, one 30 sec. cinema teaser.

Agency: No agency assigned.

Prep: 1 day. Manuscript written during production.

Production: 2 week timeline. First week 80% of the film was captured in and around the school. Second week we went sailing, shooting at sea.

Post: 1 week.

Delivery to: Printing facility, Cinema, Add distribution company and finally web.

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