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Welcome to the desert.

Gobi Ultra

Trailer for the shortfilm - GOBI

A the very top of Denmark, the highest land you will find a small farm. On that farm lives a guy named Simon. Simon is the boyfriend of Rose and a teacher at a boarding school just down the road. Here he teaches sports and science. Simon is 41 years old seams to be a fairly regular modern Danish man. He appreciates good company, good food, dry firewood and a trip to the woods on his mountain bike. One thing, however, makes Simon different from the rest of Denmark's men. Simon likes to run - more than anyone else. 

Simon has always been running a lot, but it is first at the age of 35 that he participates in a real ultra race. Simon's ultra race debut is a 230 km, 5 stage race through the Amazon Jungle in Peru. Simon has been invited by a friend and surprisingly, Simon ends up as the winner of the race. Simon is hooked and in the following years he runs a lot of ultra's around the world. Amongst the many, he runs the prestige filled Ultra Trail Mont Blanc, where Simon holds the best Danish completion time.

After 5 years on the international ultra stage with medal's in major international races, Simon is invited to one of the worlds hardest races. He is invited together with 10 other ultra runners from all over the world. The race is the Chinese, Gobi Ultra.

Very few get the opportunity to run this race and even fewer completes it. The race is designed as one stage of 400km, through the cold Gobi Desert where the runners themselves have to navigate through mountain masses, sleep deficits and endless plains.

In the film, we follow Simon in his preparation for what will be his greatest challenge running, ever. From the danish trail championships in his own backyard and injured on to the World Cup in Italy. Training in Vietnam and finally through the 400 dry, sleepless miles in the desert in China.

We follow him all the way out where common sense ends and where everything goes into a blur. Out there, is also where we find some of the answer to why someone would venture into something as inhumane, voluntarily. 

This film is produced, captured, directed and edited by Hkaarsholm.

The film is to be released in 2018.

Behind the camera.

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